“By having David engaged in my company he was able to see areas that were deficient, where I couldn’t. Opening up to his recommendations allowed me to test some of his theories and then implement processes based on them. My company’s continued success and growth is the result of many factors including what David provided to my company.”

– Benjamin Gayheart, President / CEO, Ascent Solutions and Effortless Office

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with David on several projects. His intelligence, insight and speed all led to timely solutions and new ideas that have proved very beneficial. His honesty and willingness to challenge existing assumptions can break through roadblocks and limitations.”

– James Borkowski, CEO, StonePoint Global Brands

“David and his team have played a key role in all phases of a number of start up projects for my company. His expertise in developing efficient, customized and outside-the-box systems for both the operational and financial segments of many of my projects and many of my clients has been a key to my success.”

– Jeff Pappas, CEO/President, Bottom Line Group LLC

“David and his team developed a custom model for my start-up project in the consumer space. The model and his work were instrumental not only in the fundraising process but in the daily operations of the company. I highly recommend any startup or established business to reach out to David and his team.”

– Tony Rago, Kid Fuel