Our Team

  • Glenn H. Truitt

    Glenn H. Truitt | Esq.


    Glenn H. Truitt, Esq. is the founder of Ideal Business Partners. In addition to owning and managing his own law firms, Truitt has also worked as general counsel for two regional mid-market healthcare companies, and as an associate attorney in Century City, California. To his knowledge, he is the only attorney in Nevada who enjoys both country dancing and cheerleading.

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  • David J. Housey

    David J. Housey


    David Housey is the firm’s Financial Partner. He has been an adviser and executive at public and private companies in the United States and abroad. In retrospect, he would have preferred to be a stand-up comic.

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  • Lisa A. Smith

    Lisa A. Smith


    Lisa Smith has completed settlement negotiations on student loan debt in excess of $400,000 on behalf of the Department of Education and has worked in debt collections, bankruptcy, personal injury, estates and trusts, HIPAA compliance, and as a corporate paralegal. She also has a fur-baby shih tzu named Harley. He was a pumpkin for Halloween.

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  • Reginald Russell

    Reginald Russell | Esq.


    As an attorney who focuses on regulatory and compliance defense, Reginald Russell has had a 100 percent success rate in front of various boards and agencies. Which is as good a success rate as The Thing against Dr. Doom. And if you didn’t get that, you can ask Mr. Russell, who’s an avid comic book reader.

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  • Caleb M. Zobrist.

    Caleb M. Zobrist | Esq.


    Caleb Zobrist was an ace bankruptcy attorney before transitioning to healthcare compliance and coming to Ideal Business Partners. That dual expertise checks off major boxes at IBP, at least until he realizes his dream of inventing a breakthrough board game and rockets to fame as the next Milton Bradley.

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  • Michael Plank

    Michael Plank


    Michael Plank is an associate attorney at Ideal Business Partners. His work focuses on restructuring business entities and evaluating ancillary service contracts for healthcare providers. Mike enjoys reading non-fiction, especially the Zen philosophies of Alan Watts and the Toltec teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. When he isn’t buried in a book, you will find Mike training for a triathlon or exploring nature.

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  • Malvika Rawal

    Malvika Rawal | Ph.D


    Malvika Rawal has had her work in cancer research published in multiple journals, having earned a Ph.D. in free radical and radiation biology before pursuing law. As a reader of both classics and fantasy, she’s set to star in the Game of Thrones sequel as Mother of Cats—she has two. Twins in fact, just like Jamie and Cersei.

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  • Dr. Steven Kozmary

    Dr. Steven Kozmary


    Dr. Steven Kozmary is both a client of and partner in IBP. His Lux Laboratories serves as a model of what IBP is capable of, having transformed through a proprietary strategy and financial plan from a solo practice into a business powerhouse in a growing field. Through IBP, Dr. Kozmary has been able to work fewer hours while earning more money and positioning himself to better plan out the future of his business with an eye on the big picture.

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