Proud to be Legal Elite (Again)

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Ideal Business Partners is pleased to announce that our Managing Partner, Glenn H.  Truitt, has been named Legal Elite by the prestigious Nevada Business Magazine.

Due to the nominating and scoring processes implemented by Nevada Business Magazine, the Legal Elite designation is the most coveted recognition award for attorneys in Las Vegas.

The “award” circuit is part of private practice in 2020.  As practices look to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive landscape, they are afforded the opportunity to achieve  an “award” from fee-based companies who will process your “winning” selection as a Top Trial Attorney, American’s Best Attorneys, and more.

In the past twelve months, our managing partner has been offered recognition as one of Nevada’s Top Female Attorneys AND as one of Nevada’s Top 40 attorneys under 40, despite being qualified for neither.   Other local practitioners, who are nominally ineligible for certain pay-to-play awards, have been awarded them (for a fee) and display them as achievements.

Unfortunately, only a few valid recognitions still exist in the legal profession.  They are primarily characterized by their insistence on peer review as the primary metric.  After all, no one knows a good lawyer better than other lawyers.  For some publications, they assemble expert panels of attorneys for this work, and for others, they require all nominations/voting to come from licensed attorneys.  This is the case for Nevada Business Magazine’s Legal Elite designation, and it’s why we are proud to announce our third selection over the past six years.

Las Vegas has a very competitive legal landscape, shaped largely by the value of torts practice.  As a result, practitioners cannot simply depend on goodwill or marketing to earn a peer nomination.  Importantly, Nevada Business Magazine only permits three nominations per attorney and scores nominations from outside a lawyer’s firm at three times the value of an internal nomination.  Nevada also has a relatively small bar community with fewer than 9,200 active attorneys statewide (California boasts more than 190,000), so many of us know each other.  All of these factors make earning a peer nomination far more challenging than a fee-for-award nomination, which gives rise to our pride in accomplishing this feat, again.

IDEAL is a boutique practice which is one of only six Legal Elite attorneys with a healthcare specialty and the only one with a  cannabis specialty.  So, to be recognized by our Nevada peers, is an accomplishment we are proud to share both internally and externally, as it represents our commitment to professionalism and to sourcing the majority of our clients from professional referrals.

Please join us in congratulating Glenn and the entire IDEAL team and we’ll look forward to celebrating this important honor again soon!

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