Careers at IBP

IDEAL Business Partners is a modern law firm with a clear vision for the future and a culture of inspiration. We are always growing the firm to keep up with the fast-paced arena of business law and are especially interested in people who want to be creative, contribute to a team, accomplish great things, and appreciate personal fulfillment.

If this sounds like you and you are qualified for one of the positions posted, please apply today. Please check back often for new openings.

Law Associate

IDEAL Business Partners is looking for a law associate who is ready to roll up their sleeves and work in the fast-paced arena of business law. The ideal candidate will be prepared to manage cases from beginning to end, advise clients, develop alternatives to litigation, prepare legal documents, and regularly consult with senior associates and partners.

IDEAL Business Partners is a unique law firm in that it provides a relaxed environment with a fast-paced and challenging workload. The firm is located in the downtown legal district, dog-friendly (three dogs are regularly onsite, and yours is welcome), and deliciously good coffee (as one of our partners is a coffee snob). We are known for evaluating and aligning all segments of our client businesses — legal, financial, and operational — and are often the first firm to tackle new and underdeveloped sectors of law.


  • J.D. degree from American Bar Association-approved law school
  • Licensed to practice law in Nevada (California and other states a plus)
  • At least one year of relevant work experience or impressive law school credentials
  • Excellent writing skills, the capacity for collaboration, and time-management oriented
  • Friendly, nonconformist, and eager to practice cutting edge of law and policy a must

IDEAL is a values-driven professional firm – creative, accountable, and audacious. Every office has a big whiteboard because that’s where every assignment starts. We don’t litigate because we believe litigation is the failure of the corporate and compliance attorneys to do their job. Moreover, we believe the future of the law belongs to the youngest generation of lawyers, their ideas, their energy, their values, and their way of thinking.

This is important because IDEAL seeks out the newest and most compelling industry verticals — healthcare, cannabis, entertainment, fin-tech, etc. — to help our clients stay one step ahead of their competition by staying one step ahead of our clients. This requires a successful candidate to be our “kind of weird” and an outlier with the highest standards. In fact, any candidate who is invited to interview should expect us to convince them not to join because it is not enough to be qualified.

A successful candidate will want to work here, to be pushed, to be exhausted, and to be grateful we don’t ask for long hours but short hours (50 hours a week) with every minute accounted for as quality time. In short, IDEA expects anyone who works here to be a better lawyer every day they work here. They don’t just become better lawyers. Most become better air hockey, foosball, billiards, and table tennis players too. Hard work requires hard fun.


  • Get Paid. Receive competitive pay and evergreen origination bonuses.
  • Stay Healthy. Top health care plan in the state, including vision and dental.
  • Recharge Hard. Two weeks paid time off every year and a 1,500-hour annual billable requirement.
  • Get Smart. Work in verticals and business sectors that require us to write policy and law.
  • Save Money. We have a corporate finance department in-house. Tap them for ideas.
  • Have Fun. Bring kids to work, have outings, celebrate sports, enjoy music, screen superhero moves, love Star Wars, and believe in authentic integrated work-life experience.

For those who are suited to this kind of work, life, and experience, this is the best firm you will ever find. The partners designed a firm to be the one they wished existed when they were you. It’s unusual, challenging, creative, and rewarding above all else. Sound like you? Don’t wait another minute to apply.

To Apply Send Resume and Cover Letter with Subject, Law Associate Application To:

IBP Finance Associate

Ideal Business Partners is a multidisciplinary professional services firm with expertise in law, finance and strategy predominantly, though not exclusively, to the healthcare market. We currently comprise two partners, four law associates, one finance associate, one law clerk, two paralegals and a consulting physician.We are in a favorable market segment and the firm is growing and expanding geographically in 2017. Though our legal associates are cross-trained in accounting, finance and economics, we need a new dedicated finance associate. 


Necessary skills and/or experience

    • Strong Excel skills and aptitude
    • Word processing and typesetting


  • Solid understanding of accounting statements and their interrelationship (reading, not creating)

Key attributes

    • Strong interpersonal communication ability
    • Thrive in a team-oriented, fast-paced and often changing environment
    • Ability to seamlessly transition between projects


  • Ability to work collaboratively across disciplines e.g. working with attorneys and to a lesser extent, doctors, accountants etc.

Duties to include:

    • Spread financial statements into a semi-standardized structure
    • Perform and explain financial statement analysis including but not limited to:
        • Performance (Income Statement) ratios including common sizing
        • Position (Balance Sheet) ratios including ROI, ROA etc.
        • Break even analysis
        • Scenario analysis
        • Buy/hold analysis


      • Investment comparisons
    • Identify and report on (via tables and graphs) key performance indicators (KPIs) of various clients and projects
    • Create pro forma financial statements based on assumptions provided by clients and IBP research
    • Conduct research into industry and market conditions
    • Analyze data by use of pivot tables
    • Interpret and communicate conclusions and opinions to the team
    • Collaborate on processing and interpreting financial due diligence in M&A projects


  • Assist in vetting, remediating and developing business plans

To Apply Send Resume and Cover Letter with Subject, Finance Associate Application To: