IBP Finance Associate

Ideal Business Partners is a multidisciplinary professional services firm with expertise in law, finance and strategy predominantly, though not exclusively, to the healthcare market. We currently comprise two partners, four law associates, one finance associate, one law clerk, two paralegals and a consulting physician.We are in a favorable market segment and the firm is growing and expanding geographically in 2017. Though our legal associates are cross-trained in accounting, finance and economics, we need a new dedicated finance associate.

Necessary skills and/or experience

  • Strong Excel skills and aptitude
  • Word processing and typesetting
  • Solid understanding of accounting statements and their interrelationship (reading, not creating)

Key attributes

  • Strong interpersonal communication ability
  • Thrive in a team-oriented, fast-paced and often changing environment
  • Ability to seamlessly transition between projects
  • Ability to work collaboratively across disciplines e.g. working with attorneys and to a lesser extent, doctors, accountants etc.

Duties to include:

  • Spread financial statements into a semi-standardized structure
  • Perform and explain financial statement analysis including but not limited to:
    • Performance (Income Statement) ratios including common sizing
    • Position (Balance Sheet) ratios including ROI, ROA etc.
    • Break even analysis
    • Scenario analysis
    • Buy/hold analysis
    • Investment comparisons
  • Identify and report on (via tables and graphs) key performance indicators (KPIs) of various clients and projects
  • Create pro forma financial statements based on assumptions provided by clients and IBP research
  • Conduct research into industry and market conditions
  • Analyze data by use of pivot tables
  • Interpret and communicate conclusions and opinions to the team
  • Collaborate on processing and interpreting financial due diligence in M&A projects
  • Assist in vetting, remediating and developing business plans

To Apply Send Resume and Cover Letter with Subject, Finance Associate Application To: