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IDEAL Business Partners is a modern law firm with a clear vision for the future and a culture of inspiration. We are always growing the firm to keep up with the fast-paced arena of business law and are especially interested in people who want to be creative, contribute to a team, accomplish great things, and appreciate personal fulfillment.

If this sounds like you and you are qualified for one of the positions posted, please apply today. Please check back often for new openings.

Law Associate

IDEAL Business Partners is looking for a law associate who is ready roll up their sleeves and work in the fast paced arena of business law.

Relaxed, but high paced work environment in the heart of the downtown legal district, dog-friendly (currently three dogs are on-site regularly and yours will be welcome), and REALLY good coffee (one partner is a coffee snob). We offer competitive pay, evergreen origination bonuses, two weeks paid time off per year, and only 1500-hour annual billable requirement. We have no probationary period and are one of only three companies offering the top health care plan in the state, including vision and dental with 100% of premiums covered by the firm. We’re proud to offer all of this, because it’s important, but that’s not the story of us and that’s not why you should apply to join us.

We are a values-driven professional firm – we are creative, accountable and audacious. Every office has a big whiteboard, because that’s where every (yes, EVERY) matter starts. We don’t litigate, because we believe litigation is the failure of the corporate and compliance attorneys to do our job. We believe the future of the law belongs to the youngest generation of lawyers, their ideas, their energy, their values and their way of thinking.

We are and expect to stay on the cutting edge of law and policy – advising in the newest and most important industry verticals (healthcare, cannabis, entertainment, fin-tech, and more), and working with thought and industry leaders to make sure that we always stay one step ahead of our clients – because that’s what they rightfully expect. Once you get to know our clients, you’ll understand just how important and impressive that is. We are lifetime learners; because there is no “finish line” for professionals. You will be a better lawyer every day you’re here – and so will we.

We will spend most of your interview trying to convince you not to join. Not because we don’t love it here – we really do – the managing partner had to be counseled to stop coming to the office seven days a week. No, we do it because it’s not enough to be qualified to be here, you have to WANT to be here. The work is HARD. Not long in hours – most associates max out at 50 hours per week – but really and truly challenging. You’ll leave at 6pm and you’ll be exhausted. We’ll push you, right to the edge of your abilities and then some. We ask our clients and potential clients to vet us – because we’re not afraid of it, and, in fact, we like it.

After five years, we’ve still yet to have two days be even remotely the same. There’s a new academic challenge every day. We’ve successfully curated a reputation as the firm you go to when you’ve got a problem you think no one else can solve. We’re a firm that strives to say “yes” and only says “no” when we’re absolutely sure there’s no legal way it can be done (or that it can’t be done profitably).

We like to say we’re looking for “our kind of weird” – because we know that lawyers and professionals like us are outliers. We don’t have a “type” – we have a standard. It’s high. Maybe it’s higher than it should be, but that’s how we like it. You want to know how weird we are? We have a corporate finance department in-house and are the only quantitative law firm in this market that we know of. The pairing of corporate law and corporate finance singularly positions our strategy practice and allows us to operate, in part, as a management consultancy.

No matter how hard you grind, you won’t grind harder than the partners – and if you try to, you’ll probably end up being one. For those who are suited to this kind of work, life, and experience, we’re the best firm you’ll ever find. The partners have designed the business and roles to be absolutely ideal for our younger selves. We’ve taken unusual, and difficult, paths to create our thing, our way to offer opportunities and rewards for like individuals.

It’s important to mention that we have fun and lots of it. We all have robust non-work lives, including, families, sports, hobbies and more. There are full sized air hockey, billiards and table tennis tables in our main work area. We have the best bring-your-kids-to-work day in the city, and our firm outings are legendary. We do love our hockey team and most of us are big college sports fans of our alma maters. We laugh and cry routinely, and there’s enough musical variety in our offices to satisfy anyone. We have fast internet, big screens, standing desks, and the jokes flow fast and free. We created a place we like to BE, not just a place we like to WORK – and we NAILED it.

So, it’s to you, then. If you’ve gotten this far and you can’t wait to apply –what are you waiting for? Because I’ll tell you what we’re waiting for – YOU.

To Apply Send Resume and Cover Letter with Subject, Law Associate Application To:

IBP Finance Associate

Ideal Business Partners is a multidisciplinary professional services firm with expertise in law, finance and strategy predominantly, though not exclusively, to the healthcare market. We currently comprise two partners, four law associates, one finance associate, one law clerk, two paralegals and a consulting physician.We are in a favorable market segment and the firm is growing and expanding geographically in 2017. Though our legal associates are cross-trained in accounting, finance and economics, we need a new dedicated finance associate. 

Necessary skills and/or experience

    • Strong Excel skills and aptitude
    • Word processing and typesetting


  • Solid understanding of accounting statements and their interrelationship (reading, not creating)

Key attributes

    • Strong interpersonal communication ability
    • Thrive in a team-oriented, fast-paced and often changing environment
    • Ability to seamlessly transition between projects


  • Ability to work collaboratively across disciplines e.g. working with attorneys and to a lesser extent, doctors, accountants etc.

Duties to include:

    • Spread financial statements into a semi-standardized structure
    • Perform and explain financial statement analysis including but not limited to:
        • Performance (Income Statement) ratios including common sizing
        • Position (Balance Sheet) ratios including ROI, ROA etc.
        • Break even analysis
        • Scenario analysis
        • Buy/hold analysis


      • Investment comparisons
    • Identify and report on (via tables and graphs) key performance indicators (KPIs) of various clients and projects
    • Create pro forma financial statements based on assumptions provided by clients and IBP research
    • Conduct research into industry and market conditions
    • Analyze data by use of pivot tables
    • Interpret and communicate conclusions and opinions to the team
    • Collaborate on processing and interpreting financial due diligence in M&A projects


  • Assist in vetting, remediating and developing business plans

To Apply Send Resume and Cover Letter with Subject, Finance Associate Application To: