John Probst

Financial Associate

John Probst joins Ideal Business Partners as a Finance Associate all the way from The Big Apple, New York City. Prior to IBP John held a financial analyst position at a ratings firm where he was responsible for assessing the financial health of both small businesses and the world’s largest market capitalizations using a purely quantitative model. He was exposed to companies in all shapes, sectors, and geographic location. John is excited to explore all the entertainment, culinary, and outdoor options that Vegas has to offer but he most looks forward to spending the cost of living savings on golf balls twelve months a year instead of only eight.

While working towards a Bachelors of Science degree in finance at St. John’s University, John was one of only ten applicants accepted into the student managed investment fund program. The fund managed a piece of the university’s endowment, which at the time had a market value in excess of $3,000,000. As a student analyst, John was responsible for gathering and researching economic data, building complex financial models for various valuation techniques, and composing an investment thesis for one of the worlds largest energy companies.

John is passionate about all aspects of finance, strategy and operations. He is greatly excited for the opportunity to help clients construct valuation models for the purchase or sale of a firm, in helping a practice develop more efficient financial operations, and developing startup practices from the ground up.