Focus Area

Business Development

They told you to hustle. They told you to be smart. They told you to prepare. You listened.
What they didn’t tell you about was the money.
Capital to start up. Capital for acquisitions. Capital to bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want to go.

Developing Your Business

Ideal Business Partners has performed more than 2,000 funded transactions and sourced more than $500 million in capital for growing businesses. Now, with our Ideal Business Development subsidiary, we want to apply that kind of critical analysis and strategic expertise to your business.

Trillions of dollars in capital markets are seeking deployment, citing undeveloped demand. Tens of thousands of businesses are seeking capital, citing undeveloped supply. Ideal Business Development bridges that divide. We speak the language of capital markets, and of small business. We can translate your needs into completed funding.

Tactics and Strategy

Ideal Business Development, as a multi-disciplinary firm, has legal and financial professionals all under one roof. That means we coordinate our efforts in individual arenas toward a laser-focused strategy that enables your business to grow to its potential, without competing voices trying to stake out their territory in your organization.

Our Process

  • Comprehensive Review: We analyze your cash flow, your operations, and review returns to develop a report that reveals your business strengths – and what opportunities of which you could be taking advantage.
  • Feasibility Assessment: You already have a vision. We’re going to make it a reality. We use quantitative metrics and detailed strategies to give you a step-by-step plan to follow to reach concrete goals.
  • Funding Strategy: IBD has the direct access to debt and capital equity sources you need to boost your business. We’ll help you translate your plan to speak financiers’ language, using critical underwriting metrics that show the solid foundations of your business in a clear light, enabling bankers and venture capitalists a clean path to move from interest in your business to closing the deal.

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